About This Site

This site aims to help you jump into the die cutting world with minimal start up cost–whether it be because you are careful with your money or you are unsure of your interest level–and with minimal tears!  It can be intimidating to learn something brand new.  Sometimes all it takes is someone along side you to help you along the way.  :)  I will be focusing on using the Silhouette die cutters, but most of the information could be applied to the majority of die cutter machines.

I will be sharing free programs that I found comparable to their pay counterparts and tools that you probably already have at home instead of buying specialized tools.  Both pay programs and specialized tools are worth it, if that is what you need too and I will recommend them in certain situations.

I will also be sharing my knowledge on how to use these programs and troubleshooting problems.  I know I will defer to others smarter on me on some issues.  I have found many such people in my own pursuit of learning how to use my machine!

Along with all this help, you also will be subjected to my own attempts at being creative.  You can laugh at my failures and ooh over the shiny designs that I got from Lettering Delights.  :)

About Me

My name is Angelica.  I’m a saved-by-faith-alone Christian, Texan-born-and-bred, stay-at-home mom that loves to craft and help people. I like to learn more so I can share with others.

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