Locate Calibration For Your Silhouette Cameo or Portrait In Silhouette Studio V3

AngeliCutsDOTcom_silstudioV3_wheretofindcalibrateIn Silhouette Studio V3, the ability to calibrate your machine’s Print-and-Cut accuracy has been moved out of sight!  I had to look in the manual to find out where they hid it.  I was flabbergasted by the answer and now you can be too!

  1. Turn on your Silhouette Cameo or Portrait.
  2. Open Silhouette Studio V3.
  3. Do one of these three things:
    1. Click the icon at the top most right called, “Send to Silhouette”.  It looks like a Cameo with some material sticking out that has a sideways A on it.  It turns into a downward arrow after you have clicked it.
    2. From the menu bar, go to Silhouette->Send to Silhouette
    3. Use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+L
  4. In the box that lists your machine, right click and a list of options will come up: Release Cameo (or Portrait), Connect to Cameo (or Portrait), Calibration, Distance Adjustment, Manual Registration, and Automatic Registration.
  5. Choose Calibration and it will come up with the Calibration test page and settings.  It looks stylistically a little different from V2, but the functionality is the same.  You can now proceed with my previous tutorial on how to calibrate your machine!



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