Freebie: Peaceful Doves

Freebie: 8.5×11″ Peaceful Dove Pop Up

I’ve been sitting on this for a couple months now since I converted it in the middle of the night like a mad woman.  I came upon the site, Kirigami Arts, through a commenter on Under A Cherry Tree‘s site.  When I saw the Peaceful Dove, I was determined to figure out how to convert the PDF into points and lines that the cutting machine could understand.  It took a lot of retracing and even editing the screenshot of the PDF to try to get better lines to work from, but I did it.  ^o^

I also made a second version with a shallower pop up effect because when I folded it all the way down, the bottom of the heart was being bent.  If anyone experienced with pop ups can tell me of alternate ways of fixing this problem, please let me know by commenting.  If you guys are interested in more pop up conversions, post links and I’ll take a look.  No guarantees, though.  ^_^

Instructions:  Download and open file in Silhouette Studio.  Put a 8.5×11″ paper on your cutting mat, load the mat in your machine, set cut settings for the paper, and cut!  The only weeding needed for this design is the negative space  of the heart.  Fold on the perforated lines and then fold a second paper in half for the front and back of the card.  Attach papers together with glue.

Terms Of Use:  You may modify and use for your personal use only.  Do not sell cut out copies of the design or sell the file.  Do not upload and claim it as your own.  Refer others back to this site instead of sharing the file.


Original Conversion

Edit of Conversion

You can get the original PDF here and many other wonderful designs!


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