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Save Money #2: Press’n Seal instead of Transfer Tape

Got some negative cut outs that you would like to save without losing its arrangement? You might want to try Press’n Seal instead of transfer tape. I tried this technique with the negatives of the peaceful dove and it worked.

After cutting out the design, I left the paper on the cutting mat and cut enough Press’n Seal to cover the design. I then pressed it down onto the design with an old credit card by starting from the middle and worked outward. I ran my fingers over the Press’n Seal afterward to ensure it was stuck to the paper, and then I used one of my tapered clay tools to gently wedge off the design from the cutting board.  I would have liked it to have been a bit stickier, but it still works.

Two negative cuts of the peaceful dove pop up design saved with Press’n Seal

You can alternatively cut off a piece of Press’n Seal, lay it sticky side up, and then hand arrange a design to save your paper pieces.  Remember to mirror the design!